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Asthma Treatment: What You Should Know

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans, many of them children. While some may outgrow it many do not, especially those with severe symptoms. But even if it is not a lifelong condition it can still affect your child's ability to partake in everyday activities and even their sleep. To learn more about asthma and asthma treatment reach out to your Baltimore, MD, pediatrician of Peds In A Pod Pediatrics, Dr. Stacey Eadie.

Understanding Asthma

Asthma affects the way you typically breathe by causing the airways that lead to your lungs to tighten and reduce how much air can pass through them. This is how an asthma attack usually occurs.

Not everyone experiences the same symptoms but common ones include a tightening, sometimes pain, in the chest, difficulty breathing, and difficulty with sleep when these symptoms manifest at night.

Many factors can trigger an asthma attack, or make symptoms worse. These can range from other respiratory conditions, allergies, physical exercise, exposure to irritants, among others.

Asthma Treatment in Baltimore, MD

Although asthma currently has no cure its symptoms can certainly be managed to allow your child to take part in physical activities and enjoy a restful night of sleep, along with helping prevent asthma-related complications.

Just as not everyone who suffers from asthma will experience the same symptoms not everyone will have the same treatment. Your child's pediatrician will develop an individualized treatment plan taking every factor into account.

The use of an inhaler is a common treatment that can reduce the impact of an asthma attack and can even help prevent one if used prior to physical exercise.

Medication can be used to reduce inflammation and to keep the muscles around the airways from tightening, or to treat allergies, a common trigger of asthma.

Reducing your child's exposure to other triggers will also help prevent attacks.

If you are looking for asthma treatment for your child in Baltimore, MD, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Eadie of Peds In A Pod Pediatrics by dialing 410.285.KIDS (5437).

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