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What Should I Ask At My First Pediatrician Appointment?

If you've just welcomed a new member into your family, there is a lot to know and no doubt you've been fed a plethora of information from your family members and from articles such as these. It can be a lot to digest, and sorting through all of this advice can be tricky.

It's at this point that your Baltimore, MD, pediatrician can be your greatest resource. Dr. Stacey Eadie of Peds In A Pod Pediatrics can provide you with answers you can trust during your first pediatrician appointment, and throughout your child's development. Knowing what to ask can also be tricky, so for example, we'll cover two key areas that most new parents are commonly concerned about.

About Their Sleep 

Something that is difficult to adjust to, especially if you're a new parent, is the seemingly odd sleeping habits of newborns. They sleep for a very long time but do so in bursts of about two hours throughout the day. So with this expectation, it's still important to consult with your pediatrician as to whether your child's own sleeping habits fall within what's expected. Important also is to discuss the best way for your baby to sleep safely.

About Their Diet 

Because not everyone can nurse there is sometimes a bit of confusion about how much you should feed your baby. You want to make sure they get all the nutrition possible whether it's through nursing or formula, which are the recommended source of food for a baby for the first six months. You'll also want to know how to identify signs of hunger or stress and to know if there's a problem you can spot while changing their diaper.

Pediatrician in Baltimore, MD

Mentioned above are just some key topics that hopefully have sparked questions of your own. Consider asking not just what you know little about, but also of areas where you feel you might be confident already, as there's always something that can surprise you. So schedule the appointment with Dr. Eadie of Peds In A Pod Pediatrics in Baltimore, MD, by dialing 410.285.KIDS (5437).

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