Childhood Immunization Schedule: Understanding the Recommended Vaccines

Leading Pediatrician in Baltimore Discusses Immunizations

Dr. Stacey Eadie directs the Peds In A Pod Pediatrics in Baltimore, MD, and advocates immunization programs for children. Our doctor is compassionate about kids, has unparalleled experience in pediatrics, is skilled, and is board-certified in pediatric medicine.

Our esteemed doctor wants to discuss childhood immunization schedules to help you, as a responsible parent, understand the recommended vaccines required for your children per the CDC. We follow CDC guidelines for childhood immunizations.

Understanding Recommended Childhood Vaccinations

One question we get from parents is,

"Why does my child need that vaccine? You never hear of that disease anymore."

Childhood diseases are not as prevalent as years ago because researchers worked hard to develop vaccinations for each disease. If you refuse to vaccinate your child, we run the risk of seeing an increase in these diseases return. 

Peds in a Pod in Baltimore, MD explains that young immune systems to about 12 years of age are more vulnerable to childhood diseases/viruses/illnesses. Vaccinations give young immune systems a boost in protection. As the child starts school, the risks of these illnesses increase.

A day or two of mild side effects from a vaccine is a tiny price to pay to protect your child for the rest of their life. We can tell you how to keep your child comfortable. However, if they do not get vaccinated and acquire the disease, the side effects of that illness could have severe complications and remain with the child for the rest of their life.

Childhood Immunization Schedule 

The following are the more common vaccinations we administer to our kids. Some vaccines are once in a lifetime. Some shots are yearly. Some vaccinations require boosters. 

  • Annual flu
  • Measles
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rotavirus
  • Tetanus
  • Human papillomavirus at age nine +

Your child's first vaccine at birth is hepatitis B. Well-care visits are every one to two months until your child is six months, at which time we review any vaccinations recommended and needed.

Seeking a Quality-Experienced Pediatrician?

If you seek information about childhood immunizations and are looking for a highly experienced, top-notch pediatric doctor for your child, please call Peds In A Pod Pediatrics in Baltimore, MD, today at (410) 285-KIDS (5437) so we can sit and discuss our vaccination program.

Perhaps you are pregnant and looking for a pediatric doctor; please make an appointment and visit us before your baby is born. Coming to us before your baby is born means we can follow your child from birth, remaining with them until 18-21.

Regardless of age, we want to stress that we can see your child regularly. Whatever the reason you decide to entrust your child to our care, we are here for you.

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