The Importance of School & Sports Physicals

Peds In A Pod Pediatrics helps your family stay healthy by offering school and sports physicals in Baltimore, MD. When your kids are ready to go to school or participate in sports, they may be required to have a physical from a pediatrician. Read about why these appointments are important and contact us today for an appointment with Dr. Stacey Eadie.

What Are School and Sports Physicals?

A physical appointment with your pediatrician in Baltimore, MD, involves your child receiving a comprehensive physical exam. Physicals include an examination of musculoskeletal health and a check of vital signs. We record their height and weight to track their growth and development, and we can also perform vision and hearing screenings.

Why Are School & Sports Physicals Important?

Every physical appointment helps your pediatrician ensure your child stays healthy and receives all recommended vaccinations on schedule. Keeping up with annual physicals also helps your doctor see your child hit developmental milestones. Regular physicals to screen for diseases are important so we can intervene with treatment and your child can avoid illness.

Sports physicals in Baltimore, MD, are also called pre-participation exams or PPEs, because they help us determine if the child is healthy enough to safely participate in sports. PPEs are often required by schools and sports teams to make sure your child is up to date on all vaccinations and safe to participate in sports. Reports from your pediatrician give the school a record of any medical conditions your child has or medications they need.

A sports physical is also an important opportunity to speak with a doctor about your child's activities. Talk about their favorite sports to play and get recommendations from your pediatrician on any stretching and strengthening exercises that can help them avoid injury while playing.

School and Sports Physicals Now

Come to Peds In A Pod Pediatrics for all your school & sports physicals in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Stacey Eadie and the pediatric staff are dedicated to keeping your children safe and healthy. Contact us for an appointment at (410) 285-KIDS (5437).

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