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Immunizations Schedule

Information regarding vaccines can sometimes be difficult to parse through, even just knowing what vaccines should be administered when can appear daunting at first glance. But when it comes to everything regarding immunizations you can depend on the help of your Baltimore, MD, pediatrician. They can guide you through the process and answer all your questions, as well as keep a record of all the vaccines given and those your child still needs. You can learn more by getting in contact with Dr. Stacey Eadie of Peds In A Pod Pediatrics.

How the Immune System Works

The human body's immune system is quite capable of protecting against invading pathogens, either by keeping them out altogether or chasing them down and removing them. However, when the body doesn't recognize a microorganism as a threat, or it doesn't mount a defense quickly enough the body could be overwhelmed.

How Vaccines Help

Vaccines immunize the body by exposing it to a safe and weakened version of the specific disease. There are different ways that this is done and they don't always involve the pathogen itself, but the idea is generally the same. To provide the body a blueprint to fight the disease if it ever does come in contact with the real thing.

Immunizations work better when they are administered at specific times for the best effect, knowing which vaccine to give when is what makes up the immunization schedule.

Immunizations in Baltimore, MD

Vaccines are sometimes given in multiple doses over time, some when the child is very young, others as they enter their teens, and a detailed guide is always available on the CDC website. But it's not something easily digestible or memorized, so if you're looking for help you can always depend on your child's pediatrician to both administer the vaccines as well as to keep detailed records to know which they already and which immunizations they still need.

For questions regarding immunizations, you can schedule a consultation with your Baltimore, MD, pediatrician, Dr. Eadie of Peds In A Pod Pediatrics by dialing 410.285.KIDS (5437).

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