Why School And Sports Physicals Are Important

In most states, a yearly PPE or Preparation Physical Exam is required for all student-athletes. However, even if your state does not require this vital physical exam, most coaches and schools typically make it a priority even before school starts. Here in our Baltimore, MD office, we offer comprehensive school and sports physicals under the guidance of our pediatricians at Peds In A Pod Pediatrics. But are these exams really necessary, and why?

The Importance of Sports Physicals

The knowledge gained from these yearly physicals will help prevent severe injuries and illnesses throughout the school year. This exam typically includes a physical exam and a medical history exam that will be supervised by our Baltimore, MD pediatrician. During the medical history segment, your pediatrician will ask questions about:

  • Health conditions or risks that run in the family 
  • Your child’s past illnesses and injuries 
  • Previous injuries, hospitalizations, and surgical procedures 
  • All medications and supplements your child is taking 
  • Immunization history 
  • Allergy history

Your pediatrician will likewise check your child’s weight, height, blood pressure, vision, pulse, hearing, throat, nose, abdomen, lungs, and heart during the physical examination. Your child’s flexibility, mobility, strength, joints, and posture will also be inspected.

A Vital Note on Back-to-School Physicals

All students, whether or not they’re athletes, must undergo an annual back-to-school physical. This examination will focus on your child’s age-appropriate development, mentally and physically. A thorough evaluation of both your child’s development and history will help you and your pediatrician gauge whether your child is where he or she needs to be.

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